AXIUS Core Training System

AXIUS Core Training System Includes:

The AXIUS Core Trainer weighs 15lbs and its dimensions are 26 x 22 x 7 inches

You will also receive: 

  • Stability Ring
  • Lightweight Strength Bands
  • Over 150 Categorized AXIUS Video Movements
  • Four Customizable Circuit Videos
  • AXIUS 101 Getting Started Guide
  • AXIUS Routines User Guide
  • Access to weekly movement tips and new circuit video routines

    One-Year Money-Back Guarantee- If you don't absolutely love the quality of AXIUS, let us know an we'll issue you a full refund upon return. 

    AXIUS Surfaces:

    AXIUS works great on any smooth or consistent surface including:

    Carpet of any height, wood floors, rubber mats, yoga mats, linoleum, artificial field turf and more

    AXIUS can also be used Dome Side Down in almost any outdoor environment.  Avoid contact with sand and extremely abrasive surfaces. 

    Quality Design

    AXIUS is made of high quality materials.  The deck is composed of glass filled nylon for strength and durability.  The deck and handles are over-molded with a high quality non slip rubber TPR for maximum comfort and functionality.  AXIUS is rated to support over 400lbs. 

    AXIUS achieves an extremely smooth rolling action through a recirculating ball bearing system.   

    To learn more about the AXIUS Product Attributes, check out our ABOUT AXIUS Page

    To learn more about why training with AXIUS will improve your strength, performance, and joint health watch this VIDEO

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