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Complete your program anywhere, anytime with the advanced at-home technology of the AXIUS Core unit + bluetooth-connected App for iPhone and iPad

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Get fitted for your program in our virtual Assessment where your Level 3 TPI Certified Coach will diagnose your body’s tightest and weakest areas

18 Custom Golf Workouts

3 custom golf workouts per week over your 6-wk Academy that are individually curated by your AXIUS Coach based on your latest workout performance data, progress, and personal feedback

Live Virtual Coaching

Unlimited virtual coaching sessions to review progress and further tailor your Academy experience

Hear why golfers trust AXIUS with their swing


The AXIUS Golf Academy has greatly improved my core and glute strength and which has improved the consistency of my swing sequence. As a result, I've gained more speed and accuracy which has translated directly to lower scores. I also noticed I lost an inch or two from my waistline and my body feels fantastic! Great product for golf and life. Highly recommended!

Larry M.
Age 72, Avid Golfer

I look for every edge when it comes to improving my golf skills. The AXIUS Golf Academy has allowed me to push my swing speed from 113 to over 120 mph, and I'm now hitting the ball more consistently through improved body mechanics. It's been great to feel my improvement weekly!

Shane Battier
Former 2x NBA Champion, Avid Golfer

AXIUS is the most effective golf training tool I’ve ever used. For the first time in my career, I finally have a true sense of upper and lower body connection through my core, and as a result I’m swinging more consistently and producing the lowest scores of my career. After working with AXIUS, I've increased my swing speed from 105 to over 109mph, which has helped reduce my scores by about 2.5 strokes.

Josh Hart
Professional Golfer

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