Get out of pain and back to your life.

Get out of pain and back to your life.

Reverse text neck.

Relieve chronic back pain.

Restore balance.

Recover from injury.

Reduce or eliminate aches and pains associated with age, sports, and everyday activity.

Why members trust AXIUS with their recovery


By the 3rd week of my AXIUS Academy, I was amazed to realize that the pain I'd carried all my life was completely gone! My lower back pain has been eliminated, allowing me to double the distance of my weekly hikes! I love the exercises, I feel strong and youthful, and I would absolutely recommend AXIUS to anyone!

Lorrie D.
Hiking Enthusiast

My AXIUS Academy has been an incredible journey. I recently threw out my back and couldn’t even get out of bed without pain. Fortunately, that’s when I found AXIUS. The program is progressive, and the Level 1 is something that anyone could do. I was able to improve with each workout, and was supported by my incredibly knowledgable coach every step of the way. I have a new lease on life, and am back to hiking, playing tennis, and rock climbing. I am forever grateful to this product and team. If you’re on the fence, you should absolutely try it. AXIUS will change your life!

Brandon B.
Product Manger, Outdoor Enthusiast

As a nurse in the emergency department, it's important for me to be quick on my feet and ready for any situation. After ten years, I started to feel fatigue with aches and pains in my lower back and right shoulder toward the end of my shifts. Since working with AXIUS, my body has regained strength, my posture has improved, and most importantly, I've gained confidence in the longevity of my career without fear of discomfort!

Amy M.
ER Nurse

Everything you need for your strongest comeback

AXIUS Core + iOS App

Complete your program anywhere, anytime with the advanced at-home technology of the AXIUS Core unit + bluetooth-connected App for iPhone and iPad

Expert Assessment + Report

Get fitted for your program in our virtual Assessment where your AXIUS Coach will diagnose your body's tightest and weakest areas

Custom Workouts

3 curated workouts per week that are customized based on your performance data, progress, and feedback

Live Virtual Coaching

Unlimited virtual coaching sessions to review your progress and further tailor your Academy experience

How AXIUS Core works

Smarter Technology.

Stronger results.

Virtually unbeatable.